Great VENTILATION with weak INSULATION makes the house cold.


Insulation is not insulation with heat. We aren’t sure who coined the term ‘insulation’. The so called Insulation Material is merely a way to create an extra layer of air gap between two different spaces, so that the two spaces will not be in direct contact thus less impact on temperature changes (ISOLATION). Down Jackets use feathers to stand up and create an air bubble that uses the same concept. With a low roof, especially tin roofs, insulation will stop radiant heat from getting into the house.

Our team are trained and certified members of the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ), the organisation responsible for creating NZ building codes and insuring industry quality standards. Unlike ordinary builders who know a little bit of everything, we are fully specialised in Ventilation so you are in the best hands. Contact us for a No Obligation Quote today!

Trained & Certified Member of IAONZ (Insulation Association of New Zealand)


Your Smile is our Biggest Satisfaction.

We are a team of guys and gals with no pushy salesperson skills. Just simple quality work with solid knowledge. We Strive for the best effort every time still after many years in the industry.

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