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Magnetic insect screen

Enjoy the cool breeze in summer.

Magnetic Insect Screen

When it’s summertime everyone yearns for the cool breeze coming from outside while sitting inside. But keeping the doors and windows open lets the bugs and flies come inside as well. This is where the magnetic fly screen comes in handy otherwise, it may be quite intimidating to keep them off. With an excellent record of manufacturing since 1987, we are leading manufacturers of fly screens for various purposes including magnetic window screen that has become essential for every home now.

Save Big on our Magnetic Fly Screen that lasts longer

Even though you might get a cheaper magnetic fly screen for casement windows somewhere else, but we value quality attributes more than economy. When you buy a magnetic window screen from us you buy from an award-winning fly screen production company that has been serving Auckland for more than 3 decades.

A Magnetic Window Screen not only helps you enjoy the cool breeze in summers but protects you and your family from harmful insects and the always irritating flies. So make a wise decision by reaching out to us on the phone or request for an appointment so we can help you in giving a lasting protection to your windows when you need fresh air in your home.

Highest Grade Magnetic Window Screen Guaranteed.

Since our launch 3 decades ago, we’ve consistently delivered excellent customer service while always seeking to produce the best quality products. The magnetic fly screens we install comes from the world’s leading manufacturers. We then produce the insect screens at our Auckland workshop, creating a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

Magnetic Screens designed to serve well and stay longer.

We have fly screens that are suitable for residential and commercial customers. Our experience in the industry is extensive and our team is well-trained. The insect screen solutions we offer include:


Your Smile is our Biggest Satisfaction.

We are a team of guys and gals with no pushy salesperson skills. Just simple quality work with solid knowledge. We Strive for the best effort every time still after many years in the industry.

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